All Night Drivers is an Indie Rock band made up of friends new and old who are thrilled to be bringing their own blend of rock, pop, and folk music to audiences in the tri-state area.

The All Night Drivers came together in the summer of 2015 when singer-songwriter, Ashley Lehmann (ukulele/vocals), a casual member of the NYC music scene, moved into an apartment with fellow musician and audio engineer Max Cicchino (guitar/vocals) and mentioned she'd been wanting to start a band. Marshall Ross, a multi-instrumentalist and Max's best friend was also on board from the start. The final pieces fell into place when Ashley and Max realized that the two people who spent the most time at their new place besides themselves, Justin Valazquez (bass) and Leo De Jesus (drums) formed one of the best rhythm sections around.   They graciously agreed to join the fray and All Night Drivers was born. They played their first show at New Jersey City University in December of 2015.

2016 was a year of growth for the band.  They began the year with a solid entry in the NPR Tiny Desk Contest and spent the remainder writing new material, playing shows in NYC, and planning and recording an EP of their first few favorite songs. They ended the year on a high note with their most successful show to date, an opening slot at Court Tavern's Annual Star Wars party.

In 2017, the All Night Drivers released their first EP here and on Bandcamp.   They also appeared on Rutgers Radio and wrote a bunch of new tunes.  However, they had to say goodbye to the man behind the keys, as Marshall Ross left the band to pursue his singing with various a capella groups in NYC. They wish him all the best!  The remaining members have been working on new songs since the end of 2017 and can't wait to play them for you this summer! Dates will be announced soon.

If you'd like to receive occasional updates on the band, please sign up for the mailing list and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.  Thanks so much for reading and checking out the music!